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Barbara Parks-St. Aubin

Author of the Momo & Snuffy/Duffy Series of Children's Books

Barbara Parks-St.Aubin, Association and Meeting Executive, spent much of her career writing news releases, published articles and promotional materials. Transitioning to children's books seemed natural and is a lot more fun.

Barbara has completed a four-book series about pet adoption, and is currently writing adventure books about the superheroes Momo and Snuffy.

Prices range from $6.99 to $9.99. To purchase or for more information, contact Barbara at

The Books

Duffy Dog is Rescued


A Tale of Duffy's Tail


Duffy's Discovery


Duffy Dreams


Momo and Snuffy Cover lores.jpg

Momo & Snuffy: Moving to Muddletown


Momo and Snuffy 2 Cover lores.jpg

Momo & Snuffy: Take on a Bully


Momo and Snuffy Paying Forward Cover lores.jpg

Momo & Snuffy:

Paying it Forward


Thanks to my son Ande, for allowing this space while my new website is being designed.

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