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I am offering drawings from my Star Trek: TOS series for the first time. Here is the one and only Nichelle Nichols as Nyoto Uhura! This image is from the first aired episode, "The Man Trap". This is the first time anyone on the show ever wondered about what a cold bastard Spock could be, and I love that Nichols got to deliver that message before anyone else. Shatner filmed, "Where No Man Has Gone Before". 


This piece measures 11 x 14 (perfect for framing). It was done with brush and ink on medium weight bristol board. There is some whiteout, used to eliminate details that I initially inked on the sleeve. Slight wrinkling of paper due to heavy application of ink, but it displays fine, and would frame beautifully. 

UHURA Original Art

  • No returns. This item ships within the US only.

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